Life @ Softtech Career InfoSystem

Life @ Softtech Career InfoSystem

At SCIS, we understand that a good career means different things to different people. Hence, Softech Career Infosystem expects its employees to reposition and reinvent themselves as they go along in their careers, and also provide them with opportunities to do so.

We offer a knowledge-driven environment to our employees and provide them training to help them enhance their skills. SCIS is not only a place to work and earn, but also a place to learn and grow. Career growth here is not just in levels of hierarchy but in terms of how profound a person you become over the years.

Its an opportunity to team up with a global, diverse workforce and meet head-on with the challenges of working with some of the best known organizations in the world. It spells excitement of traversing a global career path, achieving your career aspirations, while experiencing the fulfillment of being seen and heard.

Softech Career is pursuing an aggressive growth track to create a challenging global playing field for our employees. With over 4000 employees across 19 worldwide offices and 3 development centers, we are creating a global footprint that serves large international 2000 enterprises. With more to come, the work environment offers enormous exposure, diversity, constant learning and growth. Our client-centric business model fosters innovation, applauds performance, and encourages the pursuit of excellence.

If you believe in the power of collaboration, we invite you to join the Kritika team in blazing a global trail.

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